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Sep 14 2013

Not far enough

For me, the hardest part of teaching is not the planning, the behavior management, the discipline, the administration or any of the typical teacher complaints.  The hardest part is getting to know my students, seeing how smart and how much potential they have, but then also how behind they are academically.  I teach 11th graders, who are less than two years away from college.  Most of my students have not passed the FCAT reading exam, which is a state exam that is approximately an 8th grade reading level.  This is an exam they need to graduate high school, and last year 70 seniors were not able to graduate because they did not pass the FCAT or get an 18 on the ACT reading exam.   One of these 70 students was one of my students, who I worked with for weeks and months after school and in ACT class on…

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Aug 07 2013

Overcrowding: 300 Students

Today I was finally able to see my schedule for the upcoming year and I am teaching 12 classes worth of students.  I teach 7 out of the 8 periods and I have five periods where there are 2 classes worth of students (around 50) in the class.  When I saw this my first reaction…

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